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My first experience as an intern in a startup

In my third year of studying it was time for me to go on an internship. I decided to go abroad, to New York City. The company that helped me with my search for an internship suggested Study Abroad..

How to pack for small trips when traveling abroad

When going abroad, students often only think about packing for their semester long stay in whichever city they choose to study. However, it is important to also pack everything you need for those..

5 Safety Tips for Students Living in Europe

Participating in a study abroad program can be an amazingly fun experience and, naturally,  you should make the most out of this opportunity. However, being so far from home in an unknown..

The top 7 day trips from Barcelona


Barcelona is a lively city superbly equipped to keep you busy and entertained at all times. Getting away is hard. However, if there comes a time you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of..

5 Steps to Take When Moving to Spain

Let’s say you’ve already sorted out your student visa as well as all the other paperwork needed for your study abroad in Spain. What are the steps you should take next?

If I could be anywhere this month... it would be Berlin

With the warmer days and longer nights, June has always been a time for hedonism and excess. There’s something enchanting about being able to lull around on a bar terrace until dusk; without a..