A Slice of Seville

A Slice of Seville

Posted by Dominic Colosimo on Nov 16, 2018 10:20:00 AM

Spain is a very laid back country to live in. Many stores and restaurants will close mid-day for a siesta which is Spanish for a short nap. Seville is very much quintessential Spain as its traditions are rooted in its culture. Many people spend a lot of their time in the street dining and socializing as you can often find the streets crowded with people most hours of the day. This romantic city paved with cobblestone will be sure to provide you with a memorable stay whether you are there for a week or for a year.

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Old traditions make Seville a great place to dive into the traditions of Spain. Bullfighting is an event that you should try to attend if you are in Seville. Held at a Plaza de toros de la Real Maestranza this 12,000 person arena is sure to offer an experience you have never had before.

The food in Seville is typical Spanish food with tapas being the main cultural cuisine. These appetizer like small dishes can be served with a variety of foods such as ham, croquettes, potatoes (patatas bravas) or seafood. The city is home to two futbol (soccer) clubs called Real Betis Balompié and Sevilla Fútbol Club. These rivals play in the same league and the same city and you bet tensions rise when they play each other.

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Seville has many of the amenities that a large city like Barcelona would have but still maintains it “small-town” feel. Let Study Abroad Apartments help you find the perfect spot for you during your stay in southern Spain.

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