An Art trip to Paris

An Art trip to Paris

Posted by Roger Molins on May 23, 2018 11:40:35 AM

Paris is one of the most vibrant, scenic and romantic cities in Europe, and it also homes some of the finest art in the world, from the most classic to the contemporary trends. If you are an art lover, or want to become one, Paris is the place to go: you’ll breathe art here from the moment you step off the plane.






Louvre Museum


The Louvre hosts one of the biggest art collections on the planet. Set within the former royal residence, meander through the internal sculpture garden, explore opulent interiors once belonging to Louis XIV, and lose yourself in front of famous paintings such as the Mona Lisa and monumental sculptures. The Louvre is so big that it could take days to entirely grasp all it has to offer, so be selective in your touring through.


Centre Pompidou


The National Museum of Modern Art, and one of the largest of its kind in Europe. With a regularly-changing display to show the wealth of works in the collection, you can never go wrong here. Also, the building itself is worth checking out, as it’s a piece of design of its own.






Orsay Museum


If you are into French art, as well as impressionist masterpieces, Orsay is a must. It is housed in an old train station next to the river and displays paintings from Van Gogh, Degas, Monet, Renoir and Cézanne among others.


Paris Catacombs


Not all museums in Paris are above ground and crowded. Paris Catacombs allows only about two hundred people at the time. Dating from Roman times, six million people’s remains are currently in this underground labyrinth, transferred from the city's cemeteries. Dark and daunting, this museum is not for the faint-hearted.




Probably, you will sooner or later pass by this neighborhood up the hills. It was, and is, a retreat place for artists of all kinds, where one can walk and be inspired by its art and flowing creativity. The art from the so-called Belle Epoque and the bohemian spirit was born here, and Picasso lived here for a while too. There are plenty of small galleries as well as little corner shops where one can buy replicas and original pieces.






Galérie Perrotin


Can’t finish the list without including one-of-many art galleries in Paris. Located in an 18th-century mansion, Perrotin includes great names of sculpture and art and does never disappoint nor cease to surprise.


Street Art


Lastly, a different kind of art is also blooming in Paris and shouldn’t be missed: street art. Human expressions at their finest. Although many buildings in Paris have become canvases for graffiti artists, you’ll find an abundance of Street Art in the Seine-Saint-Denis area. There are several street art organized trips in some neighborhoods.


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