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How to pack for small trips when traveling abroad

When going abroad, students often only think about packing for their semester long stay in whichever city they choose to study. However, it is important to also pack everything you need for those..

How to deal with pre-abroad jitters

Pre-abroad jitters are definitely real - a combination of excitement, anticipation, anxiety, nostalgia, fear… all the above. It makes sense, you are about to embark on a life changing journey and..

Why Dublin is the happiest place to visit

Dublin, Ireland is a city full of rich history, lively traditional pubs and the friendliest locals you’ll ever meet. Dublin is a very old city beginning its history all the way back in the 8th..

How to not lose your phone abroad

As everyone knows, it is so much easier to lose things when traveling or in a new place. Especially when you are a tourist in a foreign country; you are the perfect target and there are many..

Best food places to hit in Barcelona

The food of Barcelona is both delicious and diverse. The city serves a variety of cuisines including Mediterranean, Mexican, American, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and even more. When abroad there..

How to start blending in like a local

Go off on walks by yourself

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