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My Biggest Regrets From Study Abroad: Don't Make the Same Mistakes!

For most people, study abroad is one in a lifetime experience. Of course, unless you get addicted like I did and end up studying in four different countries just because you can. Anyway… you..

Settling In: Week 1 Surprises

There are many different kinds of students. There are those who meticulously prep and plan every step and those who simply “wing it”. Neither of the attitudes is precisely wrong.

What Will our Bills Cost: European Cities Expectations


While it’s fairly easy to determine or at least anticipate the price of your study abroad accommodation, many students forget to consider the bills such as utilities, mobile or the Internet...

6 Best Apps for a Study Abroad Student


When I set out for my very first study abroad experience, smartphones were not so smart and the word “application” had a very different meaning in my mind. Being able to skype my parents with a..

How to Pack for Your Study Abroad Adventure!

So, the date is approaching! Soon, you will take off to get a taste of student life in another country. The information and directions about what to do are bombarding you from every direction...

5 Safety Tips for Students Living in Europe

Participating in a study abroad program can be an amazingly fun experience and, naturally,  you should make the most out of this opportunity. However, being so far from home in an unknown..