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The Unexpected Benefits of Studying Abroad

You can find millions of articles talking about all the amazing benefits and advantages a semester abroad can give you… the friends, the experiences, education, culture, travel, the needed boost..

Tricks to Speed up Language Learning when Abroad

  1. For most of us, studying abroad also means studying in another language. While you might have studied the language for years, first-time real-life contact with the language can be quite..

Oktoberfest: An Unforgettable Night (You Might Not Remember)

No matter what distant corner of the world you come from, you’ve probably heard about Oktoberfest. Fame and notoriety surround this old Bavarian tradition. No wonder, it’s quite a spectacle! It..

Got the Travel Bug? Here's How to Cure it on a Budget!


Let’s be honest! The main reason you decided to go abroad is hardly academic. It’s all about the travel! For most people, it’s a unique chance to see the world and visit as many places as..

My Biggest Regrets From Study Abroad: Don't Make the Same Mistakes!

For most people, study abroad is one in a lifetime experience. Of course, unless you get addicted like I did and end up studying in four different countries just because you can. Anyway… you..

Settling In: Week 1 Surprises

There are many different kinds of students. There are those who meticulously prep and plan every step and those who simply “wing it”. Neither of the attitudes is precisely wrong.

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