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If I could be anywhere this month... it would be Florence

There’s never a bad time to go to Italy. Call me crazy but I even love Rome when it’s jam-packed with tourists in July, even though the queues may be longer and the heady heat from the glaring sun..

Barcelona vs. New York

Which is the best city to intern in?

The ultimate SA Spanish phrasebook

I know many of you are planning to head to Spain to do your semester abroad this year, so I thought you might be in need of some useful sayings to help you blend in like a true Spaniard. Whether..

European Summers

Want to stick around in Europe after you SA semester has finished? Here’s how…

The 5 best cities to study abroad in

When it comes to choosing where to study abroad, you’re often stuck for choice. Europe is filled to the brim with cultural metropolises, all with their own incredible history, beauty and charm to..

If I could be anywhere this month... it would be Paris

Right now, I want to experience spring awakening at it’s best and get a fresh shot of joie de vivre in my system now that the dullest winter months have passed. So where better than the City of..

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