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Culture shock: my experience

Having lived in 4 different countries and planning to move to another one, I don’t seem to suffer too much from culture shock. However, there are still things that put me out of my comfort zone...

Weekend in Valencia

Spain is an amazingly diverse country and its third biggest city, Valencia, is living proof of this.

Night out in Barcelona!

Best Places to Party on a Budget in Barcelona Barcelona’s renowned nightlife may seem intimidating and surely such gradiouse parties must cost a fortune, no? Well college students, rich and poor,..

How to make friends abroad!

For some of you an article about how to find friends will seem pretty pointless, but even me, who never had a problem meeting people, found myself in a situation of needing someone new to go out..


You know what Munich’s Oktoberfest 2017 is. The world’s biggest beer festival featuring the world’s tastiest beer (served by the litre), accompanied with hearty German cuisine, carnival rides that..

Cultural exchange nights in Barcelona

Every Monday, Hostel Sant Jordi is your guide to this unforgettable night out.

Our friends in City Life Barcelona prepared for you the best of their party calendar. They will reveal the most..

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