Creating a home space on the road

Creating a home space on the road

Posted by Tatiana Hall on Jul 17, 2017 7:08:16 AM

It can happen in a split second. One moment you feel on top of the world setting off again to the next new town, and then it hits. Anxiety. Fear. That unsettled feeling in the pit of your stomach. Life on the road and being home-free, while liberating, can also be draining. All the newness and unfamiliarities start to creep up and the loneliness sets in. If we aren’t feeling grounded then we are just floating along the creek without any branches to hold onto. A little home away from home is essential to bring us grounding and calmness, allowing us to open up and enjoy our new surroundings to their fullest potential. When we have a stable living situation it makes the world of difference for our overall health and happiness. This is how I like to travel. This is how I need to travel.

With keeping our lives in a backpack we don’t have the space to bring a whole house along on the road with us. However, there are little knacks here and there that I always bring along with me to feel like I’ve got home right in my bag. These are my essential items that help me feel at home wherever in the world I may be!


1. A journal 

I always bring lots of pens, because I am always losing them or using them all up, and a notebook to write. Even if you may not be so keen on writing, when you look back days, months, even years from now you won’t regret writing down those little memories that might have slipped your mind. It is also a way to express how you might be feeling, working through difficult emotions, and remembering the good ones. I personally am a huge fan of writing, and the more fellow travelers I meet, I notice there seems to be a common thread of journaling while traveling.

2. Extra large scarf 

natthakit-khamso-201957.jpgI bought this scarf at World Market years ago and it was the best purchase I’ve ever made. It is so practical! I wear it as a scarf for travel days, especially if I need to “dress up”, it functions as my beach blanket, and as my bed blanket. When I’m in my own place it’s nice to have the extra little touch of my own to sleep with. It’s kind of like a kid sleeping with the teddy bear feeling.

3. Palo Santo and stones

I have a few precious stones that have been gifted to me that I like to travel with as well as bringing along a few sticks of palo santo. They serve as decorations, mementos, and healing properties…if you’re into that sort of thing! Just a few will do, and they make the world of difference. Palo Santo is a sacred wood that comes from the palo santo tree typically found in South America. Its literal translation is holy wood, and for centuries medicine people have been burning to purify, energy cleansing and healing. Doesn’t that sound like the most amazing feeling for arriving in a new space? Clear, fresh, new.

4. Sweet Little Letters

My sister is awesome and likes to write little letters every time I set off on the next adventure. On my days where I’m feeling nostalgia I always open my tin box and read some of the handwritten notes I’ve collected. It always brings a smile to my face, and more often than not, tears to my eyes.

5. External Hard Drive 

There is nothing better than being able to watch your favorite classic movie wherever you might be in the world! Rather than filling up my computer I have an external hard drive that makes it easy to share and build my movie library as well. Along with movies, it holds all my photos where I can get sucked into looking at old photos for hours.


6. Meditation practice

For a mindful life, it is very important to a healthy practice that can bring peace and grounding to what can sometimes feel like a chaotic life. I like to have a meditation practice upon arriving at a new space. Consciously taking some very deep long breaths to arrive in the moment. With all the movement that being on the road brings, it is essential for me to buckle down and connect with my breath.

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