Eat Your Way Through Madrid

Eat Your Way Through Madrid

Posted by Emma Lachman on Sep 10, 2020 1:51:41 PM

If you’re anything like me, the first thing you do when deciding where to travel is to look up the best restaurants. The main part of traveling is to explore and venture to new places, but the food is what truly makes or breaks a trip. Spain has numerous cities with great things to see and fantastic food. Madrid happens to be one of these cities. Madrid is a very popular city to study abroad in for both of those reasons. Madrid is very historical and great for sight-seeing, but let’s be honest, the food there is to die for. Let’s dive right into the trendiest places to eat.

  1. Ten Con Ten

If you have spoken to anyone who has studied abroad in Madrid, chances are they have been to Ten Con Ten. Ten Con Ten is a Modern European restaurant that has everything from truffle pasta, to meats, to salads, to fish and so much more. The food tastes even better than it looks and almost certainly never disappoints. Not only is the food divine, but the atmosphere is vibrant, and the workers are friendly.

  1. Sala de Despiece

This restaurant is not like one you have ever been to before. Not only do they make it an interactive experience, but they have a minimum amount of food you must order. This restaurant keeps you entertained by having the chef cook what you order right at your table. They bring the ingredients of what you order, and have it prepared at a blink of an eye. Some dishes come prepared already, but the majority defy the odds. If you're looking for an exciting dinner, this is the place to go. 

  1. Takos Al Pastor

Who says all tacos are created equal? Whoever does have definitely not been to Takos Al Pastor. Takos Al Pastor offers 1-euro tacos that are to die for. The line is always around the corner, but the wait is worth it. The menu offers a wide range of tacos that you will be raving about for a while.

  1. Rosi La Loca

Sometimes you just want a chill dinner with great vibes and Rosi La Loca is exactly that. Rosi La Loca offers traditional Spanish food and is decorated to feel as though you are out. They have flowers hanging from the wall and a lot of décor. The food is served in funky shapes, such as salad being served in a fake salad bowl. Tuna being served in a fish boat. Drinks being served with people on them. This is an affordable city staple that is a must.

  1. Mercado de San Miguel

Ever not know what you are in the mood for? Ever want to have a taste of everything? If this is you, then Mercado de San Miguel is the perfect meal spot for you. Mercado de San Miguel offers every possible type of food in a Tapas style, making it perfect to have a bit of each dish. They have a bunch of stands in a row that make it very easy to try it all. The options range from patatas bravas, to mini sandwiches, to tacos, to fish options, to desserts, to drinks.

These are just a few of the restaurants that Madrid has to offer. Make a trip to Madrid and you will leave with your stomach feeling full and happy.

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