European Food Tour

European Food Tour

Posted by Emma Lachman on Oct 31, 2020 3:39:34 PM

There are many reasons to travel all over Europe. Not only are there amazing sites to see, but travel is very inexpensive. The places are very easy to get to which makes it more enjoyable to travel from place to place. Each place has a different culture that is very cool to see. It allows you to immerse yourself in the culture for a short time. One part of each culture includes the type of food offered. Europe has all different types of cuisine and each place has their own specialty.

1. Spain

If you go to Spain, you have to try the Patatas Bravas.  What could be better than fried potatoes with spicy sauce?  Nothing. This dish is served tapas style, which is the norm for Spain. You can enjoy this dish for lunch and dinner. It makes the perfect addition to any meal. 

2. Prague

No meal is complete without dessert! Prague is known for their trdelnîk. Trdelnîk is a split cake that is rolled dough on a stick with a hollow inside. It often grilled and topped with sugar. This dessert can be filled with either sweet or savory toppings.  

3. London

Teatime is a huge part of the culture in London. This traditional  experience looks different at each restaurant, but consists of the same aesthetic. Teatime includes unlimited tea of your choice, with finger sandwiches and mini desserts. This meal is light and enjoyable and will have you feeling like Alice in Wonderland.  

4. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most unique places in the world. It is made up of many different canals which offer a great view. Strolling along these canals is even better with a stroopwafel in hand. A stroopwafel consists of a wafer cookie made from dough, with a caramel filling.This is the traditional way to eat it, but there are many different customizations. You can add different toppings on top that make the dessert melt in your mouth. 

5. Italy

Italy is the home of the world's best Italian cuisine. There is something for everyone, from paninis to pizza, and any kind of pasta you can imagine. If you go to Italy, you will try all different types of Italian that will make your stomach happy. 

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