(Funny) Things you only know when you’ve gone to the Netherlands

(Funny) Things you only know when you’ve gone to the Netherlands

Posted by Roger Molins on Apr 16, 2018 12:00:00 AM

The Netherlands is a great European country for a weekend trip or a longer stay, if you can bear the weather (the average number of days of sunshine that they get is between 40 and 50 per year). Besides its gorgeous flatlands landscape, its tulips, its food and most of all its people, there are many particular things to this little country that makes it an unforgettable experience.


Here’s some of them. Prepare yourself.






Three Kisses


Dutch people like to kiss, and like some other European countries, they practice cheek-kissing for greeting (except men-to-men).The norm is three kisses on the cheek. These kisses are, however, are not actual kisses on the cheek; they are more like air-kisses and your moist lips dare not actually touch the other person. Be careful with the order, or you can end up with two heads bumping (ouch!).




They are everywhere. Rain or shine, Dutch ride their bikes. There are actually more bikes than people in this country! Those bikes can be rusty, gearless, barely holding together, and it doesn’t matter. Furthermore: don’t be surprised by the Dutch’s incredible ability to ride a bicycle while talking on a mobile phone, holding an umbrella, eating, carrying one or more children, bags of groceries, a TV set, a neatly balanced box on the back, and most of the time, some of the above all at the same time. Be advised: don’t try to imitate them.








Orange is the most popular color in The Netherlands, as it used to be once the color and the patronymic of their royal family. Currently, the soccer national team wears it as well, and you’ll see plenty of it during…


King’s day


King’s day is the one day of the year where the Dutch break all their self-imposed rules and let loose in a crazy way that puts all other nations to shame. Saying it’s the world’s greatest massive party is an understatement. It’s simply epic. Cities flooded in orange color. Alcohol (lots of). Laughter and smiles. Live music. Costumes. Everyone (the whole country) on the street, on boats, on Amsterdam’s canals. Everywhere. Join it!


To say that King’s Day is the world’s greatest party is nothing short of an understatement. Put concisely as possible: King’s Day is E-P-I-C.






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