Helicopter parents? How best to deal with them while abroad

Helicopter parents? How best to deal with them while abroad

Posted by Lily Davies on Jan 17, 2018 12:12:46 PM

Overprotective parents are hard enough to deal with when you’re in the same house, let alone halfway across the globe. Here are some tips as to how you can keep them at bay and still make the most of your study abroad adventure.


Try and get a sim card with international calls in your price plan


If you have to call home a lot, you don’t want to have to pay through the nose to do it. Lots of mobile providers can add extra international minutes to your bundle. That way you can easily keep in touch if it’s hard to organize skype calls as often as parents would like or if they’re not yet fluent in technolog-ese.


Be wary of the time difference




And make sure they know too. The last thing you want is to casually ring your mum on your way to class and have her panicking that you’re ringing home at 1 am. It can be helpful to have a bit of a routine for when you call, it lets your parents know you’re on top of things and avoids the 8 missed Facetime calls when your phone was on silent in a cafe.


Send photos when you get there


It will put your parents at ease to have an insight into your life abroad, and it helps to be able to picture where you’re living. Make things look homely before you send them so they see you’re settled!


Sign up to a doctor, find your local pharmacy and supermarket


Parents are worried that you’ll be a lost sickly puppy without them. They want to be sure you know the drill if you fall ill. It shows you’re being responsible and it will make them trust you with more in the future.




Finally, if you’re having a good time, let them know!


Be positive. They want to hear that you’ve met nice people and you’re safe and that you’re loving it, even when they’re missing you.



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