How to get an internship while studying abroad

How to get an internship while studying abroad

Posted by Katie Bamber on Apr 11, 2018 12:00:00 AM

What better way to immerse yourself in the culture of another country than by placing yourself in a working environment?


It is a big commitment, though, studying, working and living in a foreign place, perhaps for the first time, while getting used to a different culture and maybe speaking another language. So you need to make sure you get the right internship - one that’ll enrich your experience and one where you can learn (rather than those we hear about so much of in this modern age where interns are essentially ‘dogsbodies’).


First thing to do is contact your host university as it’s likely they’ll have a number of internship programmes already set up for local students. Some courses have internships built into the programme, which can be the easiest way to juggle the workload of both studying and interning as they will have been set up to run side-by-side.






If you are seeking an independent internship, let everybody know that’s what you are doing. Tell family and family friends, new friends, teachers; It can be surprising what can come out of the woodwork from both contacts back home who might know somebody over in London, or friends of friends in your new digs who will have a bigger network.


There are international internship providers out there to help, such as CIEE or AIESEC, and these will take much of the pressure off finding a suitable internship. Such services do incur a fee, however, for doing much of the groundwork.






A common regret of students taking a semester or year abroad is not fully immersing themselves in local life. And it is hard! New friends, a new city, nightlife and school work… Many find comfort abroad in relationships with people our own nationality or age in similar situations. But if you are in a country that speaks a different language it is worth every effort you make to learn it as best you can, which will happen in the office!


It is a valuable experience, learning on the job, and especially in a foreign country. If you manage to balance studying and the work, your confidence will soar and it can really set you apart from other students later in the working-world game. Moreover, it could directly lead to something new for you. So go for it!






A few things to remember:


  • Check out the regulations for your visa to ensure you don’t cross the boundary between working and interning.
  • Setting yourself the extra challenge while living abroad will mean compromises elsewhere. But missing out on a certain module you wanted to take because it doesn’t fit your busier schedule, or even nights out, will most certainly be worth it down the line.


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