Landlords: How to manage noise complaints

Landlords: How to manage noise complaints

Posted by Katie Bamber on Apr 6, 2018 5:04:55 AM

First off (if it’s not too late), in your tenancy contract stipulate that tenants must not make unnecessary noise that could result in causing stress to neighbours. I.e. try to cover yourself before your tenants become a nuisance.


Give advice and tips that will help students or first-time renters and state times of day to limit noise. For example: Keep music down after 11pm; Avoid putting sound systems next to shared walls and place the on rubber mats; Monitor sound levels if entertaining guests; Inform neighbours of parties and disruptive work; Consider time of day to carry out DIY or gardening.


But this might be advice too late…






If you’ve already received complaints about your tenants, empathise with your neighbour and take the situation seriously from the off. Disputes can be unpleasant when dealing with people’s homes and relationships within your community are crucial, whether you are residing in your property or renting it out.


Understand exactly what the issues are and encourage your neighbour to take them up directly with the problem tenants.






The next step would be to contact the tenants and remind them of their contract terms (if included), and explain how disturbing and antagonising neighbours can lead to more stress than it’s worth.


If the anti-social behaviour continues then you need to inform your tenants of the repercussions of ignoring relevant parts of the contract - eviction.


Ask your neighbours to keep a note of the disturbances: what time they happen, what is the cause of the noise (music, voice levels, DIY, pets) what patterns there are. It would be useful to even suggest using audio recording equipment to monitor the noise levels. All this information is collected as evidence to present the issue to the local authorities.


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