Learn to relax like a true Italian - adopt a new (slow) way of life

Learn to relax like a true Italian - adopt a new (slow) way of life

Posted by Roger Molins on Jun 12, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Choosing Italy for your year studying abroad is a great idea: it’s a beautiful, warm Mediterranean country with amazing food, cheerful people and plenty of things to see and experience. Expats and foreign students in Italy fall in love with the culture, the history and the easy access to the rest of Europe, as well as the slower pace of life where family and friends are more important than to-do lists or work.






If you want to live the true Italian life, you need to undergo more than a trip to Italy: you must undergo changes within yourself. To understand what makes the Italian way of life, the best way is to grasp how Italians are both simple and complex, how they can appreciate the most mundane thing, and how they strongly cherish close relationships such as family or friends.


Embrace the relax


Life in Italy is about surrounding yourself with people you love, taking the time to enjoy even the simplest things such as food or a cup of coffee. Soon enough after landing, you’ll see Italians chilling, strolling, taking their sweet time for a break as if they are not wearing a watch. Many will simply say happiness is more important.


For example, many stores are closed during the weekends, including supermarkets, and college courses might have a long lunch break, perfect for afternoon mingling, extending that conversation over another cup of coffee or even napping if you feel like it.





Italian time is about slowing down


Classes normally start later than in other European countries, and the professor might be up to thirty minutes late. In Italy, students are expected to do a good part of the deed at home or at the library. Italians see time as a river flowing, once the water has passed, there’s no turning back… be water, my friend.


Lunch is considered the most important meal of the day, hence it usually gets a long break, while dinner is very light and frugal. It’s like the basic principle of the healthy Mediterranean diet: ‘eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper’.


Family first


Italians respect their elders and they care about what they have to say. They spend time together and talk to each other, sometimes during an evening stroll or a relaxing sitting by the veranda. They also eat meals together: family and friends gather around food (usually bought at the farmer’s market) and celebrate their time together. Meals are perfect opportunities to share the day’s events with everyone.





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