Long-distance relationships

Long-distance relationships

Posted by Katie Bamber on Mar 28, 2018 7:15:03 AM

Without a doubt, it's going to be a tumultuous ride. Energise yourself; it’s a different kind of lovemaking. But it has to come good and we’ll end up better off for all of it, as, after the absence, the intense love and strife, it’ll lead to something stronger.


There are massive highs and depressing lows - the reuniting visits and the lonely Sunday nights. The problems that arise don’t deserve the heightened impact they have. And it’s all ultimately because you can’t touch each other. Romantic relationships are about being physical and this basic element isn’t there. But positivity is key; It’s 2018 and we’ve got to be thankful for technology, for FaceTime!


Here are some things I’ve learned over the hardest, but my most love-filled year...


Concentrate on the big-door prize: Each other, stronger, together again

Never hang up: That damn phone connection is all you’ve got - don’t abuse it




It’s an obvious element of any relationship. But throw in different time zones, someone who’s pumped, active, working or had their first beers, someone who hasn’t yet had coffee, differing expectations of a call and BANG, you got yourself a three-day row.


Little niggles become mountains when you’re apart. To be honest, most problems, fights and upsets are all about the smallest things.


And you want to avoid getting to breaking point as, not being able to touch or hug to smooth out an issue, irritations-turned-big rifts don’t resolve easy.




Sweat the small stuff


Good night messages and morning texts are all-important; They go a long way in making the other person feel like they are the last and first thing on your mind.


A missing message can spiral into unnecessary feelings of anxiety, upset or fear, so remember the little things that make the big difference.


All that space is powerful; it can do some crazy things and it’ll sure as hell make clear what’s important.


The benefits


Ultimately you’ve found someone you want to make it with, despite the circumstances, which makes you lucky.


Making breakfast, food shopping, holding hands, a lack of sleep from bed sharing: These simple things become what you miss most. I want to hold on to these forever, when back together, and never overlook their sweetness.





Mix it up


Keep your communication fresh - surprise your person. Send pictures, audio messages, videos, songs. Add in all the dimensions available to be with your guy or gal to make up for the reality that you’re not. Write love letters, send flowers or personal mementos from a date... A hit of sentimentality or receiving snail mail, even if time has moved on, is powerful.




Believe it’ll all come good.


It’s corny, but it’s about trust, patience, and a whole lotta love. Imagine where that all goes once you’re together again!


It’s an obstacle, sure. But ‘good things in life don’t come easy’, my guy quotes me. Work with that.



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