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European Food Tour

There are many reasons to travel all over Europe. Not only are there amazing sites to see, but travel is very inexpensive. The places are very easy to get to which makes it more enjoyable to..

Tips and Tricks for Travel Amidst a Pandemic

Travel today looks much different than it did just 10 months ago. Prior to COVID-19, travel was the norm. People chose a destination spot and ventured there for as long as they could. Whether the..

Eat Your Way Through Madrid

If you’re anything like me, the first thing you do when deciding where to travel is to look up the best restaurants. The main part of traveling is to explore and venture to new places, but the..

Making The Most of Your Time Abroad

Living abroad, there is so much to do and so little downtime. You have a new home base and traveling frequently. There are so many new experiences and activities you are going to have. Here are a..

Adapting to Life Abroad

Studying abroad is a great experience that can change your life. You're living in a new city with people you have never met. As great as it is, there is a lot of transition that is involved...

Studying Abroad in Europe

Not long ago, studying abroad became a huge thing within college students in the United States. Europe, in particular, became extremely popular for students to go. Students can choose one place in..

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