The best places to grab a coffee in Berlin

The best places to grab a coffee in Berlin

Posted by Kat Ashton on Feb 12, 2018 11:56:38 AM

Berlin is known for being a stylish and modern city, and it’s coffee shops are no different. Whether you’re looking for a cosy place to bang out that essay or just somewhere that does a great flat white, you’re spoilt for choice here. After all, this is the city that never sleeps so you can be sure they have good coffee.


Bonanza Coffee Heroes


This cute shop located near Mauerpark is one of the front runners on the coffee scene, and the beans here are so good, the owners supply many of the best restaurants in town. They were also the first place to put a flat white on the menu. They also own a gorgeous cafe located within a stunning hidden courtyard behind Adalbertstraße that is well worth checking out.


Location: Oderberger Str. 35


Tres Cabezas


Don’t let the name fool you, Tres Cabezas is one of the most popular coffee shops among Berlin locals and is known for its relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. They apparently roast their beans in small batches five times a week to make sure that the coffee is always fresh and tastes amazing.


Location: Boxhagener Str. 74




Companion Coffee


The owners of companion coffee have worked in some of the world’s best coffee hubs such as Vancouver and Perth and have now landed in Berlin to share what they know. So obviously they only use the best beans on the market to make their coffee, but they also have some interesting teas on offer too. The perfect place for a weekend pick-me-up, the coffee shop is located inside the designer flea market, Voo Store, so you can pop in between shopping trips.


Location: Oranienstraße 24




Right in the middle of one of Mitte’s coolest neighbourhoods is THE BARN. With one of the longest (and best!) menus in the city, there’s something here to satisfy every coffee aficionado. They also have some great cakes and sweet treats on offer, and the decor is pretty great too - very rustic minimalist chic. They are also big fans of sustainable trade so you can be guaranteed that the beans (which are always of a superb quality) come from suppliers that pay and treat their workers fairly.


Location: Auguststraße 58




Chapter One


The Chapter One mentality is the slower, the better, so here they use all manner of contraptions to get the best flavour from the coffee. They also make their teas with as much precision, sometimes making you feel you’re in some kind of old-school, underground brewing lab. This vibe is also reflected in the decor, with mismatched tiles and antique-looking furniture. A great place to while away a few hours.


Location: Mittenwalder Str. 30


Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers


Located in one of the city’s most stunning old historic buildings, Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers is perhaps one of the best looking coffee shops going. There’s even a gorgeous courtyard so you can sit outside when the sun is shining. It is also one of the best places in

Berlin to grab breakfast; think avocado toast, chia puddings and poached eggs, not to mention a great choice of coffee.


Location: Münzstraße 21




Silo Coffee


This popular coffee place is the place to be seen in Friedrichshain right now. They do a great cold brew and have so many different takes on avocado toast, you’ll never get bored of coming here. Beware that laptops are unofficially banned on the weekends though, just because it is usually so busy!


Location: Gabriel-Max-Straße 4




Tucked into a corner of Hackesche Höfe, is this cute coffee bar that serves a bunch of speciality coffees, which makes the trip over totally worth it. They also sell all the tools you need to become a top barista in your own kitchen, just in case you fancy a decent coffee without stepping out the front door.


Location: Sophienstraße 7


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