Tips and Tricks for Travel Amidst a Pandemic

Tips and Tricks for Travel Amidst a Pandemic

Posted by Emma Lachman on Oct 20, 2020 4:18:35 PM

Travel today looks much different than it did just 10 months ago. Prior to COVID-19, travel was the norm. People chose a destination spot and ventured there for as long as they could. Whether the trip was to visit historical landmarks, go to a beach town, or out of the country, people were always on the go. When COVID-19 struck the world, the life we once knew changed. The world was on lockdown and put to a halt. Everyone had to stay home and isolate. Travel was highly discouraged. People only went out of the house for essential necessities. As the virus progressed, the world needed to adapt and figure out ways to reopen. The government needed to come up with measurements and tactics to protect the people. This included enforcing new rules and added precautions. As time passed, places started to slowly open and life was resuming. With the world reopening, travel restrictions got uplifted, and people started to travel with caution. People need to travel, whether that is going to and from school or going to visit family. As dangerous as it may seem, there are ways to protect yourself while traveling.

  1. The first, most important step, is to wear a mask when traveling. Wearing a mask helps protect both you and the people around you. It prevents germs from spreading through the air. For example, if you cough or sneeze, instead of the particles going into the air, it goes into your mask. This prevents the transmission of any disease someone may have. In addition to wearing a social, social distancing is key.
  2. Another way to travel safely is to social distance. Maintain a 6-foot distance from one individual to another. This limits the risk of transmission for COVID-19.
  3. Avoid touching your face. Your hands may contain bacteria that could enter your face and get you sick and infect your body.
  4. Wash your hands. This is one of the most important tips. Washing your hands gets rid of any bacteria that could be there that could potentially harm you.

COVID-19 is not going anywhere and we need to maintain the proper steps to keep everyone safe. As dangerous as travel may be, it is necessary for many individuals. These tips provide people to stay safe while traveling.

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