Top Free Time Activities You Can Do in Florence

Top Free Time Activities You Can Do in Florence

Posted by Barbora Jassova on Dec 1, 2017 11:35:39 AM

Florence is a bustling city with a lot to offer. However, if you are struggling to find something to do, below is a list of ideas you should definitely try at least once!

1. Immerse Yourself in the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience




Did you know that Florence might have been the birthplace of ice cream in the 16th century? Be it true or not, the city’s top gelaterias don’t cease to compete for the ultimate alliance of your taste buds. Among Vivoli, Carabé, Vestri or Gelateria de Neri you are bound to find your favorite. Or, you might want to shoot for the starts at gelateria Grom and order some their special seasonal flavors or the all-year-round favorite Crema di Grom! Eating ice cream in Florence is an activity of its own, and you have the time to try them all!!!

2. Enjoy a Stroll through the Boboli Gardens


Nothing to do with a pleasant sunny afternoon? Head out to the terraced Boboli Gardens hiding behind the Pitti Palace and enjoy the awe-inspiring Tuscan panoramas wherever you look.


Originally a luxurious private garden of the Medici family, it evolved into an exceptional public park riddled with Renaissance sculptures. While the park is often full of tourists, you can steal a moment of intimacy in one of the park’s hidden grottos (small picturesque caves) such as the fairytale-like Grotta di Buontalenti.



3. Breath in the Atmosphere of “Local” in the Piazza Santo Spirito

Florence is known for its lovely and plentiful public squares, but the tourist crowds often make it difficult to find one with a local ambiance. If you do crave a taste of a genuine metropolitan life, cross the bridge to find the bohemian Piazza Santo Spirito. This Florentine square is a home to a proper local street market as well as bars, cafes, and restaurants filled with the locals. If you don’t feel like having a drink or grabbing a bite, just sit on the steps of the church and people-watch!


4. Fight the Heat with a Refreshing Swim





The summers temperatures are getting on your nerves? Go cool down to one of Florence’s amazing outdoor pools. For instance, Piscina Comunale Costoli offers a 50m long swimming pool with separate pool for kids and diving. Alternatively, you can try Spiaggia Sull’Arno, a one-of-a-kind urban beach on the river banks with DJs and Yoga sessions. It’s so good you won’t even miss the sea!


5. Bargain for Fresh Tuscan Food

Spend a sunny morning bargaining for quality Italian goods! Wander into the San Lorenzo district, ignore the far-from-authentic stalls on the San Lorenzo market and, instead, plunge into the Mercato Centrale, two floors of foodie heaven from the 19th century. Downstairs, you can find the usual marketplace with a stall full of wine, fruit, cheese, fish, oil, spices or ham. Upstairs, there is a food court offering delicious breakfast bites, snacks, and aperitivos. Plus, it’s not too expensive.


6. Take in One of Europe’s Most Stunning Skylines





Even if it’s usually flooded with sightseers and tat-stalls, and you might have been there a hundred times, Piazzale Michelangelo is the best place to soak up all of Florence at once. Located in the Oltrarno district giving you a full view of Florentine most important landmarks including the Duomo, Arnolfo Tower, Palazzo Vecchio, and Uffizi. It’s a perfect place to contemplate the meaning of life 🤔.


7. Succumb to the Rhythm in the Streets on ‘White Night’

White Night, Notte Bianca, is when Florentine streets are filled with whimsical rollicks. It’s not very famous or well advertised which is probably a way of keeping tourists away. Still, each year on the 30th of April the streets, squares, and unused buildings come to life. You can have a blast dancing to the hosting DJs, listening to live music, watch theater and dance performances, films and more… just to celebrate the start of summer! The 1st of May is a public holiday so you will have plenty of time to nurse your hangover!


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