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Why you should study abroad in Madrid

Close your eyes and imagine glorious lit up buildings bigger and better than you’ve ever seen before and imagine the most miraculous view; you have entered Madrid, Spain. This city will allow you..

Neighborhood Overview of Madrid

Madrid has many neighborhoods with their own identities and distinct features. Whether you are studying, working or simply visiting madrid you can find something that suits your taste. Let’s take..

5 things I wish I’d known my first semester abroad


I studied abroad two times during my college career. Once was in Amsterdam in the Fall of 2015 during my sophomore year, the other was my final semester of college in Barcelona in 2018. The two..

All you need to know about booking an apartment abroad with a group of friends

Studying abroad with a group of your closest college friends is a dream come true as you are able to share some of the most memorable experiences with people you already know and love. Booking a..

How to cope with culture shock

Studying abroad in a new country is an amazing experience. You get to explore a culture different from your own and immerse yourself into a new society. When you arrive abroad, engrossing yourself..

Roadtrip around Europe: The perfect way to spend an SA summer

School’s officially out and now the summer months are unfolding ahead of us for what seems like infinity. So it's a great time to start thinking about what you really want to do after college,..

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