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Weekend in Valencia

Spain is an amazingly diverse country and its third biggest city, Valencia, is living proof of this.

Night out in Barcelona!

Best Places to Party on a Budget in Barcelona Barcelona’s renowned nightlife may seem intimidating and surely such gradiouse parties must cost a fortune, no? Well college students, rich and poor,..

My Biggest Regrets From Study Abroad: Don't Make the Same Mistakes!

For most people, study abroad is one in a lifetime experience. Of course, unless you get addicted like I did and end up studying in four different countries just because you can. Anyway… you..

How to make friends abroad!

For some of you an article about how to find friends will seem pretty pointless, but even me, who never had a problem meeting people, found myself in a situation of needing someone new to go out..

Settling In: Week 1 Surprises

There are many different kinds of students. There are those who meticulously prep and plan every step and those who simply “wing it”. Neither of the attitudes is precisely wrong.

What Will our Bills Cost: European Cities Expectations


While it’s fairly easy to determine or at least anticipate the price of your study abroad accommodation, many students forget to consider the bills such as utilities, mobile or the Internet...