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How to become a better person? Travel the world!

I have left home after high school, to explore the world and to understand humanity.

How to cope with culture shock

Studying abroad in a new country is an amazing experience. You get to explore a culture different from your own and immerse yourself into a new society. When you arrive abroad, engrossing yourself..

Save money, travel more

In the past, most people used to save the whole year round to go for one dream holiday for a week in some nice seaside hotel with an all inclusive buffet. Flights were a serious expense and..

Off the beaten track in France

As a lot of students are coming to Barcelona this Fall, it’s a good idea to suggest some places nearby for cool weekend trips. There’s no doubt that Spain is amazing, but Barcelona is in a tricky..

Creating a home space on the road

It can happen in a split second. One moment you feel on top of the world setting off again to the next new town, and then it hits. Anxiety. Fear. That unsettled feeling in the pit of your stomach...

The best free apps for when you go abroad


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