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New York City Neighborhood Overview

Manhattan is a crazy place due to the number of people and number of immensely tall skyscrapers that stretch for miles. The city is best described as a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and classes..

New York; what I think

My internship has almost come to an end, as has my stay in New York City. I’ve been here for six months now and I’d like to share my thoughts about this city.

How to spend your summer in New York City

Summers in New York City can be very, very hot. Even though the buildings are all very well air-conditioned, you don’t want to sit inside all day! Here are some great things to do in the New York..

My first experience as an intern in a startup

In my third year of studying it was time for me to go on an internship. I decided to go abroad, to New York City. The company that helped me with my search for an internship suggested Study Abroad..

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