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Cultural exchange nights in Barcelona

Every Monday, Hostel Sant Jordi is your guide to this unforgettable night out.

Our friends in City Life Barcelona prepared for you the best of their party calendar. They will reveal the most..

6 Best Apps for a Study Abroad Student


When I set out for my very first study abroad experience, smartphones were not so smart and the word “application” had a very different meaning in my mind. Being able to skype my parents with a..

Missing a flight is too easy!

If you believe that it simply cannot happen to you, you are wrong. Sometimes it can seem like the world is against you, trying everything possible to make you miss your flight. I am going to give..

One year wrapped up in a coat

I would not wish Russian weather on my worst enemy is probably the best introducing phrase I can come up with when I am thinking about my year abroad in Saint Petersburg. Honestly, the city is..

How to cope with culture shock

Studying abroad in a new country is an amazing experience. You get to explore a culture different from your own and immerse yourself into a new society. When you arrive abroad, engrossing yourself..

Off the beaten track in France

As a lot of students are coming to Barcelona this Fall, it’s a good idea to suggest some places nearby for cool weekend trips. There’s no doubt that Spain is amazing, but Barcelona is in a tricky..