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Paris: How to blend in with the locals

Paris: How to blend in with the locals

6 things you shouldn’t take for granted when studying abroad

I don’t have to tell you that your time studying abroad is a once in a lifetime experience, but with so much going on, it’s easy to forget to actually appreciate your time overseas while you’re..

Tips on how to be airport savvy - never miss another flight!

Tip 1: Start with the obvious. Check, double check, triple check your flight time! And don’t cut it fine if you’re checking in baggage, plan to get there early. Those bag drop queues can be..

Top 10 European Study Abroad Cities of 2017

Europe is not the biggest of continents yet with so many countries packed tightly next to each other it certainly offers very culturally diverse options. Your semester in Europe will be very..

Eight tech tips to consider before going abroad

SAA's friends at Keynectup offer some fantastic tips below!

There’s a lot of planning to do in preparation for any study abroad trip, whether you’re departing for two months or an entire year...

How Hard Is it to Blend in Like a Local in Europe's Capitals?

The extra touristy tourists stand out like a sore thumb. Nobody wants to be that person. Yet, we don’t always realize how touristy we are being because “acting like a tourist” mostly consists of..

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