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Ristoranti di Roma! Eat like a local.

Italy is of course known for its superb food, but where to begin in a city with so much choice? Here’s 7 unmissable choices from a born-and-bred romana ! At Study Abroad Apartments you can..

Edinburgh’s best eats - for the student budget!

The ancient and enchanting city has lots to offer history-buffs, art and architect fans, coffee-culture guzzlers and foodie fanatics. Here are a few wee tips for bonnie meals in Scotland’s capital.

A Weekend in Amsterdam

Get ready to visit a city that even after you leave, you’ll probably still be confused as to how it is allowed to exist. Here is a guide to have the most successful weekend in Amsterdam possible...

The 5 best ski resorts in Europe for students

Winter is well and truly upon us, and undoubtedly the best time of year for fans of skiing or snowboarding. By this point, the mountains are well and truly covered with snow and the apres bars are..

Eating your way through Milan - on a budget!

Milano! Fashion capital or food capital? How to eat like a queen on a less than royal budget.

Paris: How to blend in with the locals

Paris: How to blend in with the locals

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