Weekend trip while you are studying abroad in Madrid

Weekend trip while you are studying abroad in Madrid

Posted by Roger Molins on Apr 9, 2018 12:00:00 AM

Madrid is a wonderful, vibrant city in the very center of Spain, a place to love for many reasons if you’re staying there to study (especially if you booked your stay through Study Abroad Apartments, where you can safely secure the best possible place for you during your time living abroad). However, at some point, you might start looking beyond and thinking about traveling around during those idle, relaxed and sunny Spanish weekends.




Chances are, that even if you chose Madrid for your long stay, you’ll want to visit Barcelona sooner or later. It’s an amazing city by the Mediterranean sea, and it has everything to all-round a perfect weekend trip: beaches, food, a unique architecture, museums, nightlife… What’s not to love?


More good news: Barcelona is just less than two hours flight away from Madrid, and about the same time if you take the high-speed train, AVE. Both options are very cheap if booked in advance, and there’s plenty throughout the day. And if you’ve already visited Barcelona and want to expand your trip further, you can rely on our partners Bus2Alps and book with them one of the weekend trips (plenty of cool options!) that start in Barcelona: you can think of your travel time to Barcelona as a long commute, and get going to amazing places in Europe in no time.








If you want to grasp the feel of an old Spanish town, Toledo is a city with very nice architecture, a huge cathedral, a castle (Alcázar), monasteries, ramparts and narrow alleys: a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It used to be the capital long ago, and now is welcoming thousands of visitors every year.


From Madrid, you can easily reach Toledo by taking the train (40-minute ride) or riding a bus (50 min ride). If it’s not peak season, you can find reasonable prices for lodging. You can spend your savings on souvenirs: replicas of swords and daggers are a classic since blacksmithing from Toledo is known worldwide. The Lord of the Rings trilogy movie’s swords and weapons were all forged by artisans here.








Segovia is about ancient history. Here you can sightsee the remains (in very good shape) of a colossal elevated roman aqueduct, the foremost symbol of this city and two thousand years old. There’s also plenty of medieval buildings and structures to check out while spending a weekend here and enjoying the traditional sweet pastry options that locals love. Segovia is a two-hour train ride from Madrid, with some nice views along the way.








As a visitor to Spain, there is no reason to leave without having checked what Portugal has to offer as well, and its capital, Lisbon, in particular. The flight is a bit more than one hour long, and you can find plenty of budget airlines that fly regularly, so there’s no excuse to get going for an awesome weekend in Lisbon. Two days is a perfect amount of time to get to know this thriving city, taste the lovely food choices, walk up to its castle, take gorgeous pictures of the bay and even go for a quick dip on the (cold!) Atlantic Ocean’s waters at one of the city’s many beaches.






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