Why a year abroad prepares you for a professional career

Why a year abroad prepares you for a professional career

Posted by Roger Molins on Apr 4, 2018 12:01:09 PM

If you are currently studying abroad or you are planning to (and if you do, give us a call at Study Abroad Apartments, and we’ll help you find the best option), you will probably, sooner or later, have thought about how that experience will look “great on your CV”. Studying far from home is an exciting prospect, and it shows some qualities that employers seek for.






Any international experience equips you with a set of skills that go well beyond what you learn in a college classroom, and those skills are increasingly relevant in a globalized environment: being open-minded, able to think outside of the box, open to new challenges, curious, tolerant and flexible, are some of the skills that improve thanks to a time spent studying abroad.


Push your career forward


Ask any recently graduate: the world is very competitive, and securing that sought-after graduate job is hard. Everyone is looking for something that makes your CV stand out. A time abroad will open doors for you to achieve the professional career of your dreams, especially if you can also add the knowledge of a second or third language. If you are planning to move across continents for your study abroad, the process of adapting to unfamiliar social, cultural and professional environments could make the key difference in your future profession.


Whether you aim to work internationally or back home, international study is key to know new business environments and to be creative in problem-solving. It creates a globally minded employee.






Choosing the institution carefully


As employers can be very selective, the institution of choice for the time studying abroad is key for a future professional career - as much as the course itself. While every abroad experience will be enriching, some strategic planning gets you where you want to go a bit faster.


Many colleges offer internship and work experience opportunities all year round, and particularly during summer vacation. This kind of experience would be another notch in your belt, as many students secure jobs after such internships. Volunteer opportunities abroad will look golden on the CV as well.


The all-rounder


Having multicultural awareness and experience dealing with people from all over the world sets your mind for new perspectives and makes you an all-round future professional. Highlight your diverse cultural experience to potential employers, which you wouldn’t get unless you’ve studied abroad, build contacts and be open-minded.



Are you about to embark on the trip of a lifetime? Study Abroad Apartments offers some great options for students planning to study abroad. Just get in touch with us if you need any help finding somewhere to stay and we’ll make sure you have one of the best options out there!



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