Why I Chose to Study Abroad in the Fall Semester

Why I Chose to Study Abroad in the Fall Semester

Posted by Barbora Jassova on Nov 10, 2017 11:14:09 AM


Often the decision to study abroad is not as hard as trying to decide whether to do so during fall or spring semester. Is there a right answer? Not really. This decision can depend on a number of different factors ranging from academic to personal. It varies from case to case.

The decision ultimately depends on your preferences and priorities. For instance, spring semester study abroad students are often after warmer weather or simply enjoy spending fall at their home university with all its activities and social frolics.

However, in my opinion, there are plenty of worthy reasons to study abroad in the fall.

1. Start Fresh!



Reason number one is perhaps the most compelling. Fall is the time of new beginnings, at least while your educational wheel of destiny keeps spinning. The best part about starting in Fall is that you are not the only one doing so. It’s a fresh start for everybody, exchange and local students alike. By default, people are more open-minded, and it’s far easier to make friends at this stage. Also, professors are relaxed after the summer break and more likely to cut you some slack.

Starting the study abroad after Christmas makes you the pebble falling into a smoothly running stream. Sure, other exchange students will be starting off as well, but it’s not the same. Everybody else is already in the middle of something.

2. Extend Your Stay (if you feel like it)

You never know what’s gonna happen. That’s the only sure thing about life. No matter how motivated or unmotivated you feel about study abroad, things change and with them change your preferences. You might find yourself falling in love with your life abroad and one semester might not be enough to satisfy your thirst for the adventure. So, choosing to travel in fall leaves you the luxury to change your mind if you want to.

3. Share Yours and Experience New Traditions



Fall encompasses quite a few celebrations and festivals no matter your destinations. Whatever your location, you can be sure a lot will be going on. Germany has Oktoberfest, Barcelona has la Merce, the UK has the Bonfire Night, America has Thanksgiving… I could go on an on. Fall is historically celebration charged season which makes it the perfect time for exploring new cultures and their traditions.

4. Experience Christmas Season Abroad

Speaking of celebrations… you will have the chance to spend the Christmas holidays (or at least the weeks leading up to it) in a foreign country. Some people take this as a minus, but I am not among them. Witnessing foreign Christmas traditions first-hand is virtually priceless. No other holiday will show you how different and vibrant are the cultures around the world or how your own perception of what is “normal” is totally biased. If you are spending Christmas in Europe, make sure to visit French or German Christmas market those Nutella pancakes, sugared waffles and mulled wine are totally worth it!

5. Take Advantage of the Summer


Having a couple of free months before you go, can be a huge help. Firstly, you have plenty of time to get all your paperwork and all the other bits and pieces in order. With a peace of mind, you can spend you summer packing, planning future trips, taking care of accommodation, working and earning extra pocket money without the stress of classes and exams on your shoulders. Plus, you can travel out a couple of weeks earlier to settle down and figure things out before the uni kicks off!

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